Azraf Ullah

Full Stack Developer

Azraf is a well established web and mobile application developer. He has created iOS, Android, and React based applications that are in deployment, testing, and use. He is also an accomplished UX/UI designer proficient in screen design, research, testing, and rapid prototyping.

Work Experiences


Ashburn, VA, U.S.A
Founder & Lead Developer
2017 - Present

Working on a variety of applications for the Healthcare Telemedicine company Nearbymedic. Have configurated HIPAA compliant cloud architecture, chat, and videoconferencing for patient to doctor communication and service. Built geolocation, database, and authentication stacks as well. Also designed custom assets for all screens in Sketch, Axure RP 8, and Flow. I currently have 8 direct reports who i have extensive experience in implementing project management techniques, being the scrum master for scrum/agile development, and implementing lean startup methodologies.

  • Developing iOS application using Swift, Objective-C, and Firebase
  • Developing Android application using Kotlin/Java
  • Developing Web app using HTML, CSS, and various javascript libraries/frameworks such as ReactJS, AngularJS, etc.


Reston, VA
Product Specialist
2013 - 2017

Provided technical and sales consultant solutions for apple clients, worked with business team to connect with high profile business and government customers, was trained in various services and technical aspects to apple technology including repairs, customer service, customized sales, and various other skills. Also taught Apple customers on using diļ¬€erent apple operating systems, software, and hardware through workshops/classes and one to one interactions. As a part of the visuals team worked overnight to maintain apple displays, replace new and old products and also maintain planogram updates for products on wall and do inventory.


Reston, VA
Founder & Lead Developer
2014 - present

A software development/full social media consulting company that I have created while in college, we have had over 9 successful client projects including website development, wedding and event photography, app development, video and social media creation, social media management, and much more.

U.S House of Representatives

Washington, D.C
Legislative/Office Intern

An Intern at House Representative Office in the Rayburn Building, answered phone calls, submitted faxes, mailed and delivered public and private documents, attended and organized receptions, scheduled and helped assist with tours, help maintain the office, ordered kitchen and office supplies, and various other services for the Congressman.


Bachelors in Computer Science

University of Maryland (UMUC)
2018 - Present
Took courses in Java, C, C++, python, software design and implementation, computer design and archictecture, electrical engineering courses in digital logic and robotics. Also took courses in cybersecurity threat prevention, security controls and auditing, and white hat hacking procedures.

Associates in Computer Science

Northern Virginia Community College
2012 - 2014
Took courses in Java and basic machine language, learned A+ level computer architecture and how they all work together, as well as basic network infrastructure. Learned different operating systems and basic UNIX/Linux.

Advanced Highschool Diploma

Herndon High School
2008 - 2012
Survived four years of high school, ran numerous students clubs like international club, muslim students association, and was Student government vice president senior year.

Professional Skills

Top Skills


Swift & Objective-C

Currently using Swift and Objective-C to develop iOS based applications. Using Protocol Oriented Programming (POP) and designing all assets on Sketch, and programmable code for interfaces on Flow. Using REST API best practices and Firebase for database implementation.
3 Years


Have developed extensive and beautiful applications in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Very experienced in front end development in ReactJs, AngularJS, and server side implentation in NodeJS and Express. Im experienced in database frameworks such as MongoDB and MySQL, SQLlite, and PostgreSQL.
2 Years

React & Angular

Developed single-page/landing page applications in AngularJS, and have developed complex ReactJS apps that have multiple geolocation, database, and authentication stacks. Have built eCommerce sites, implemented AI bots, and algorithms to sort through customer searches and database queries faster.

Other Skills

HTML5 CSS3 SASS LESS Git UX/UI Design & Research
Java Kotlin Wireframe C, C++, C# English



Cafein Website

HTML, CSS, and AngularJS

NearbyMedic App & Website

ReactJS, Swift, Kotlin, etc

Veysantis Website

HTML/CSS and JQuery

Get in Touch

I'm currently working on my side businesses (NearbyMedic and Veysantis) which is not a detriment to my future work effort at any potential job offer. I would love to work at a bigger company to experience large scale software development, collaboration and would love to grow and work to suit the needs of whatever company I am hired at.

I can help with the following:

  • App development with ReactJS, Swift, Kotlin, etc
  • Front-end development with AngularJS/ReactJS
  • Back-end development with NodeJS/Express
  • UI development
  • UX prototyping

Drop me a line at or call me at 703 626 3286